It’s been a while.



Skimming back through those last few blogs there, it hits me just how different things are from when I was last here. Those words feel like another lifetime. The outlining thing I guess is how much happier I am from those days to now.

I like to think of this blog as a travelling home. Like one of those old beautiful gypsy wagons, you know the type? It started rolling in 2007, (which coincidentally was 10 years ago this year), And it’s been through different amalgamations ever since. The last 3 years have been committed to paper, instead of cyberspace, for the sake of my own (justified) paranoia, but that is long passed now. I’ve entered what feels like a golden era of life. Positive signs and shifts lately have led me back here, so I find myself typing comfortably once again – another new incarnation, another new site. Yet another import of old posts from old location to the new. I imported the file from 2012 onwards, and I daresay I’ll trawl back through at some point out of morbid curiosity…

…It’s quiet here right now. And I quite like that. When you know thousands are reading it can really skew what you say.

Well I’d better plump up the pillows and blow out the cobwebs, I guess. Who knows, I might even throw some /prose out there again sometime soon. Cuppa, anyone?